The Mirror of Kid


Kids are basically perfect.

No, really, I do have kids. I know they are total freaks and messed up. Butbasically they are perfect. I mean, emotionally they are perfect. They only get the emotional problems we force on them, willingly or by routine.

“Perfect” doesn’t mean utopian, by the way.

“Problems” are not anomalies or abnormalities.

OK, like this is what I mean: take a kid, any kid. Stick him or her in any situation. If they smile at you and talk to you it’s because they like you and therefore feel like talking to you. There is no other reason or motive.

That’s perfection.

So go stick yourself infront of some kids. It works better than mirrors.

Oh, and if you want to figure out if someone is good or bad but don’t want to waste a whole lot of confusion and energy… just take that person and stick him or her in front of a handful of different kids and see what the kids think.

Do they ignore? She is boring.

Do they stare? He is dangerous and interesting.

Do they talk? She is open and awesome.

Do they play and really have fun? He is also – more or less – a kid… perfect.



  1. “So this Krishna Consciounsness movement, will stop us being bound to the material nature…no more birth, death, old age and disease…we will become eternally youthful in the spiritual sky, with ever increasing bliss” –
    His Divine Grace Abhay Charan Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


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